why am i not coming up on google and yahoo etc?

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    I am a bit disappointed in my hits count. Over the last day or so it’s been less than 10 a day, which surprises me as my theme is football.
    My real question, though, is how do I get listed on google and yahoo searches. I’ve done that pinging thing to both sites but still don’t appear, while after pinging technorati I appeared instantly.
    Forgive my ignorance of how such things work but could somebody explain it all to me.

    (I did check existing threads to see it wasn’t a duplicate – sorry if it is)



    It is, but that’s okay.

    Google doesn’t update in real time; they update their blogsearch something like once every six weeks. It takes time. Yahoo is supervised by human beings as far as I recall, so your post won’t be indexed until somebody looks it over.

    And Technorati is spotty. It’s got one post I did three days ago, nothing since.




    Thanks for that and sorry for duplicating. It’s nice when the answers are straightforward!



    Did you submit your url into Google:


    Your blog is only a week old. Yeah so it will take time. But I added my Proboards site and it’s still not there. :( And I use to use a search engine submission thing to the top 40 search engines out there but that one doesn’t work anymore.



    I don’t think much of the search engine submission sites. Some of them just add links to your sites on their own websites and, by now, most search engine spiders just ignore them as spam sites.

    MSN has you. They’re usually the quickest.

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