Why am I not getting gallery formatting options?

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    I checked appropriate boxes but the gallery does not offer me any options to format it and appears exactly the same as the “image” format. What next?
    Blog url: http://teepee12.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is teepee12.wordpress.com.



    I tried switching to a different template, which didn’t help. Went back to the original one, but removed a lot of widgets to see if lowering the number of widgets would help. It didn’t.

    I’m having a bunch of issues. Each is small, but collectively, not so small. I lose formatting (line spacing in particular). I save a draft, pictures disappear. The count on number of pictures is wrong. Gallery used to work, but doesn’t anymore. I switched back to image format because it was ugly in gallery.

    Lot of crashing lately, and I lose current versions of saved posts I’m working on. Deleted text shows back up; saved text and pictures disappear randomly.

    There’s something wrong and it’s in the coding somewhere. I’m sure of it, but I don’t know how to figure out what it is or what to do about it. I have a feeling that maybe there’ malicious coding or some kind of worm that has sneaked in. I get a HUGE amount of SPAM to this address.

    Would moving to a new blog help or would I carry the problem with me into a new space? I suspect I would bring it with me … like cockroaches if you don’t fumigate in the moving van.



    Bugs: The first place to start is with your browser. What browser and version are you using? Have you tried the suggestions on this page? http://en.support.wordpress.com/browser-issues/

    The Gallery: I’m not entirely sure what it is you are trying to do or what you mean by “format” it. After you upload your images to the post or page where you want the Gallery to appear, you should hit the “save all changes” button and then switch to the Gallery tab in the Image Uploader. There you can make several decisions about how you want the standard Gallery to appear in your post. (columns, image ordering, etc.) Once you’ve made your choices, hit the “Insert Gallery” button and that’s it.

    If you are trying to do something else, please let me know.



    Got it. I had not understood how the gallery had to be edited. Now the pictures appear las thumbnails with titles visible by hovering. Phew.

    Next thing: Where do the other gallery choices appear?

    When I first tired the gallery, I didn’t like it because I prefer text between photos creating a story with pictures, not just photos.

    But: If I’m going to use gallery, I’d like to try the varioius choices, like “round” for example, but cannot find any way to select them — no menu, button. I’m probably in the wrong part of the template … or just missing something.

    I REALLY REALLY appreciate the help!!!!

    Note: I cleared the cache, checked to make sure cookie setting are correct. The sudden disconnect issues are probably my ISP hiccupping.



    Note: The spacing issue is a long-standing problem, especially if I use block quotes (for poetry usually), but it happens even when I’m not using block quotes. The post may be been previously fine, but I update (save) and I preview or view and all the paragraph spaces is gone. Sometime other things also disappear, like captions or ocassionally, entire pictures. Poof, gone. And or all of these events can occur seperately, or simultaneously.

    When all the spaces between verses vanish and the text runs everything together, I now insert a dash on an otherwise empty line to force a space.

    I tried adding spacing via HTML, but as soon as I update or save, the paragraph breaks vanish along with the HTML I added. I’ve avoid block quotes …. and my blog has a lot of dashes — place savers so text won’t become a solid block. Unrelated issue? I don’t know if it would help if I switched template.s Currently using twenty eleven and like it, but if that’s the problem, I’m sure I can find something else to use. Again thanks.



    The new Gallery thumbnail “types” have to be added manually via the Text tab in the Post Editor after you’ve inserted the Gallery shortcode. See here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/gallery/#gallery-shortcode and works best when you only use the simplest form of the gallery shortcode
    which accepts all the Gallery’s default settings.

    FYI-The columns, orderby and size parameters don’t seem to play well with “type”.



    Spacing: Perhaps this will help: http://en.support.wordpress.com/writing-and-formatting-poetry/

    Also, try ticking the box in Dashboard>Settings>Writing Settings>Formatting that “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”.



    I tried that yesterday, so when I write a new post, I’ll see if it solves the problem. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s aggravating. If that fixes it, I’ll be thrilled to pieces.

    The Gallery support page is really helpful. I have a feeling I’ll wind up using the gallery in its default format. Round pictures are a bit cutesy for my taste.

    You said it doesn’t play well with text, so 2 questions:

    1) Can you insert multiple galleries into one post separated by text?

    2) Can you precede and/or follow a single gallery with text?

    In other words, if used, does the gallery have to stand alone or can it be part of a longer post?



    Not “text” but “type” i.e. the new parameter that will change the Gallery thumbnail display to circles, squares or rectangles. :)

    Yes to both your questions, but by uploading all your photos and “splitting” the Gallery into groups by using “includes”. You might want to read this post: http://agallerydemo.wordpress.com/2011/03/11/split-gallery-using-includes/

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