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Why am I not receiving notification when my comments are responded to?

  1. Admin bar notifications. I'm receiving notifications when there is activity on my blog, but I am not receiving notifications when someone responds to my comment(s) on other blogs

    Cache is cleared. Firefox is 19.0. Problem doesn't appear to be from my computer as I can login with my Nook tablet and have the same problem. Email notifications are fine; it is only the gray comment block on admin bar.

    I've logged out and logged in again. When I post a comment, the field indicates I'm posting using my WordPress account. Still no notifications.

    Here's an example. I had no idea Juliann had responded to my comment until I went back to her blog to see.

    If it's a setting, I'm not sure where to look.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please post into the main thread on this topic as this one will be closed.

  3. Thank you. I searched and didn't find. :-)

  4. You're welcome. The key word is notifications.

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