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Why am I not the administrator of my new wp blog?

  1. westsidestoryblog

    I just created a blog and I cannot change anything. I cannot access appearance options etc. I am not an administrator! Why not? How do I get control of my site?

  2. We can't help without a link to the blog, starting with http.

  3. westsidestoryblog

    I'm new to this so pls excuse my naivety.

    When I log in, I go to a plan kind of layout with only a My account option, and a Global dashboard option (no plain dashboard). The url is...

    SOes that make sense to you?

  4. There's an option when you sign up to just create an account. Did you create a blog or just an account?

  5. westsidestoryblog

    Ahhh man, I think you may be correct. I wanted to have a personalized domain name, so I didn't choose "just gimme a blog".
    If so, can I "undo" it and turn it into a blog with domain name? Or have I lost my preferred blog name forever?

  6. westsidestoryblog

    ...just a "username".

  7. Follow the directions on that Support Doc and if it doesn't work, contact Support directly because they're the only ones who can hook you up

  8. westsidestoryblog

    Thank you so much justjennifer. I appreciate your time and input.

  9. Welcome!

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