Why am I struggling to access my blog and dashboard?

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    I’m having trouble accessing my blog and my dashboard for one of my two blogs. It’s a persistent problem and I don’t know what’s causing it. Every time I load either the blog itself or the dashboard, I get a message saying the site couldn’t be accessed. But it happens randomly, without anything seemingly causing it. What’s weirder is that it’s only happening with one of my two blogs. The other one is running as normal, with no issues whatsoever. I’ve cleared my cache and cookies several times and yet I’m still having the problem. What on earth is going on?!
    Blog url: http://svenvsthemovies.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is svenvsthemovies.wordpress.com.


    As a follow-up, the problem’s still persisting today, although it was temporarily working just fine again after I trying clearing cache and cookies again. The problem happened again, and although everything else seems to be working (temporarily) fine again, I can’t actually access my comments page, no matter how hard I try. I seriously need a permanent fix for this, since just clearing things over and over is a huge hassle.


    A few people have been having very similar problems and there are a few posts on this further down. I’ve been having problems for days. Clearing cookies sorts it out for a couple of minutes and then I get the same ‘connection error’ messages. No-one from WordPress seems to be responding to these posts…… you’ll see a few more further down which have been posted over the last few days



    Same for me – I haven’t written on my blog for over a year and am trying to re-start posting and although I am now in my dashboard, I can’t seem to publish a post. Irritatingly, everything I write gets deleted when I try. Is it possible to get direct help from wordpress? They don’t seem to have a chat facility where you can get technical help.


    I’ll just add my voice to this complaint. I’ve been trying on two different computers and with both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, but access to my dashboard is only intermittent and sometimes I can’t even access my blog. I’ve already logged this on the forum, but no effective response.



    I don’t have a wordpress.com hosted blog, but I do host several bogs on my own servers. In the past day I’ve been crippled with what might be the same issue. To find out if the problem is the same as mine, use your browser’s “Activity” (on Safari anyway) feature to determine if something isn’t loading and is holding up getting in to admin. In my case gravatar.com is not serving images, or wordpress is not handling them properly sometimes. The funny thing is, if I load the offending gravatar files into my browser separately the load instantly. But wordpress admin wants to load some gravitars, and they aren’t being loaded (why I don’t know). On my front end I have gravitas cached, so that may be the reason my frontend works. It all started a about 20 hours after I upgraded to 3.4. Now I’m faced with the dilemma, do I modify my code and get rid of gravatars in the backend?

    I’ve found posts in the past where people have claimed that gravatar.com has caused problems. The idea is not always welcome, and people sometimes shrug it off, or say erroneous things like have less comments per page. In my case I’m not a programmer and can’t modify my frontend cache to work on my backend. If I remove gravtars from my system, then I’m faced with less functionality, and code modifications I don’t want to maintain. I want wordpress to function properly. When this happens, it happens with and without plugins installed.

    This may or may not be your problem. The good thing it that after 6 frustrating hours last night, being effectively locked out of several admins, I’m back in now.

    But seriously, wordpress code should not be written to allow unavailable images to crash an entire admin!


    hahaha … You are a better programmer than most ….

    But, it happened after 3.4 …. And all of a sudden WordPress.com sites went nuts …..

    Ironically they don’t blame Microsoft?

    Just us.

    6 hours locked out …. and they say they have no problems?

    They just released a major BUG release. I think this rivals any BUG release I ever saw Microsoft release.

    Can you roll back your ‘upgrade?’ I haven’t studied self hosting WP yet. I think I will self host Joomla instead.



    WordPress.com is multiuser blogging platform. All WordPress upgrades at WordPress.com are done by Staff so “no” we users cannot “rollback any upgrade”.



    Same problem for me. Emptying the cache and the cookies allows me to view my blog for a few minutes on Chrome and then after that I get this weird HTML message: “if(typeof(_kmil) == ‘function’)_kmil();”. I can access it on Firefox on my computer and on Chrome from another computer on my network. Also, I can access my other blog just fine. It’s just this one (of course, my main one…). I posted my own thread about this last night and no response from WordPress… :(



    Don’t get me wrong. I really like wordpress. I understand that bugs happen. I’m a webmaster and host 45 sites. Bugs are part of my every day life. I’m just trying to help by sharing my experience so that problems can be solved. Rolling back wordpress would be possible, but difficult because I upgraded wp for over 20 blogs. That is a lot of rolling back… Now that time has passed rolling back is a riddle of issues x 20. So I’m reluctant to rollback. I’d rather find a solution.



    Let’s fine one!!!



    There is an issue between on of our third-party CDNs and certain ISPs. We are working with our CDN to resolve the issue, and you might want to try contacting your ISP too.

    Sorry for the trouble!

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