Why am I suddenly receiving 10 times as much spam, and mostly on one page?

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    For the last couple of days I’m receiving around ten times the usual amount of spam on this site, something like 300 per day.

    Most of it is one page: http://songbook1.wordpress.com/pp/fx/0-new-features/1960s/burt-bacharach/the-windows-of-the-world/.

    Attempts to solve:

    1. Black list some, not all, of the several hundred a day
    2. Identify and delete them as spam

    Should I consider republishing this page?
    Blog url: http://songbook1.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is songbook1.wordpress.com.



    Usually that happens when you’ve approved a comment that is spam, but neither of those two are spam. Just send all the spam to your Spam file and Akismet will learn.



    Neither of what two are spam?



    I underestimated the amount of spam I’m receiving daily now. Normally I get something like 30-50 per day on this site. This morning I had 148 after a 6.5 hour sleep. That projects to 546 for a 24 span. Somewhere between 500 and 600 per day seems to be the present rate (last several days). More than 10 times the usual.



    I have the same problem. but I cannot report as spam, since the menu on wordpress.com does have a pluginmenu that alows entering apikey.

    My dashmenu if that is the right word or controlmenu have 12 minor menues but between ‘users’ and ‘appearence’ there is no ‘plugins’-menu, so I cannot enter APIkey. Now how do I get plugin-menu? According to a HELPsite the dashboard have 13 minor menues. Mine have 12.

    I have spent many hours trying to find out where I enter API-key but but in the end I found out, that it is the menu for entering akismet-key I cannot access.



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    You need to manage your comments:

    Comment Actions

    When you hover the mouse over a comment in the Edit Comments page, you will see comment actions appear below the comment. You can approve/unapprove, reply, edit, spam, or trash comments with those links.

    Mark the spam comments as “spam” so Akismet will learn that they are spam.



    Ikke spam | Slet permanent

    (not spam / cancel permanently)

    They are my choises when editing spamcomments .

    Spamcomments are already marked as spam because of huge number of links.
    What I need is the spam does not enter my wordpress.com site at all. Because of that, I have the impression I need an apikey, which I have already, so the spam is not even spam because they are stopped before the spamcommentsite. That is what akismet is about , as I understand it.

    When I edit a non-spam comment, you are right in “You can approve/unapprove, reply, edit, spam, or trash comments with those links”.

    But I have understood, that with an api-key and akismet I can even forbid a spam-comment in my spam-comment-site, so there is no cleaning-up or at least very little.


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    Are these spam comments appearing on your site?
    Are you being notified of the spam comments via email?

    Of course you can see some of the spam when you look at
    your dashboard—>comments—>you can choose to see
    pending ° approved ° spam ° and trash

    If you mark the spam as spam Akismet learns what is spam.

    There is also this:http://en.support.wordpress.com/settings/discussion-settings/#before-a-comment-appears

    Don’t discard spam on old posts – When this option is not checked, comments that Akismet thinks are spam will automatically be deleted for posts published more than 30 days ago. If you want to see all spam comments go into the Akismet spam queue, check this box.



    A related issue is that the WordPress blacklist ordinarily does virtually nothing productive at all, since Akismet already identifies spam. I’d been inserting a portion of my spam IPs and keywords into the “Comment Blacklist” for a year or so, before I realized that this practice was entirely redundant. Akismet has already done it.

    When will WordPress address the concern that inserting an URL in a WP blog blacklist is liable to be counterproductive. If an URL is coming from a PC with a dynamic URL, then listing then will not stop spammers, even if WordPress or Akismet can identify dynamic IPs, which I’ve been told by WP support they cannot.

    A dynamic IP is going to change immediately after dropping a spam bomb on you. Not only that the IP attached to the spam may then be assigned to a perfectly innocent member of the same dynamic IP pool.



    The spams are appearing in the spam-filter-comments and also no emails for me. BUT when I mark them as spam, they appear again, with the same IP and more or less the samme URL – but not quite the same.

    Looking closely, the URL’ s are different from each spam, but it is the same 7-8-9 IP-adresses. Also the email-adresses are different from each time.
    Whem I choose spam (in the spam filter comments) there is no learning, that this is spam, since something very similar appears again 20-50 times a day. What the spam have in commen is the same 6-7-8 IP’s and also ‘livejournal’ and ‘bravejournal’. So I was hoping that by chosing these as spam (in the spam-commentsarea) they would not appear again, but the do.

    That is why I believed that an active akismet with an API would learn better.

    I followed your advice and marked from yesterday individually each spam as spam (actually ‘delete permanently¨ (in the spam commentarea)) and maybe that is better, but not so far.

    I will go through all comments today and all spam will be deleted in the non-spam area, but there are quite few.

    Be aware there are no spam-comments in the real comments on the blog, but 10-50 every day in the spam filter and those I would learn akismet to be without, so by learning, they spam does not even appear as spam but are rejected before spam. (unless there is a new kind of spam-comment off course)



    So I now have deleted all spams in the no spam area. Off course there were few. And deleting spam in the spam-area is by ‘delete permanently’ since there is no ‘delete spam’ in the spam area.

    So what I belived (is this wrong?) that by deleting spam in the spamarea. there is a learning, so these spam does not even enter my spam-filter anymore.

    Anyway that is what I am looking for. Off course I cannot protect myself from a new kind of spam.

    Alternatively the AKISMET headquarter accept my suggestions as spam, so all people can enjoy less spam. So noone even see those spamcomments.



    still i get 50 spams af day or something like this (but it my spamfilter) how do I get rid of these ? i.e.

    1. write to akismet to include certain IP/adresses in their own filter
    2. change email
    3. change wordpressadresse

    What triggers spampeople to write to me? IP? email? wordpressname?



    Read my first post in this thread. If the spam is going to your Spam file, then everything is operating as it should.



    yes the spamfilter is operating ok. Still I am not satisfied since I want to get rid of spams in the filter – at least what comes again and again. So I have now changed my wordpress-email to something else – that does not work.

    Really: howcome spammers choose me – meaning what triggers them? is it my email, my wordpressname, my ip, my blogging on other blogs? If I know that I can change IP, wordpressname.

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