why am i unable to see email followers that are following me?

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    I had one person sign up to follow my blog via email last night and I never got notification or saw her in email list and tonight my husband signed up right next to me with his email and I did not see it or get notification either. How come I cannot see my followers ?
    Blog url: http://danisdecadentdeals.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is danisdecadentdeals.com.


    I’m having the same issue. I know for a fact that a few of my family members have signed up. And I actually signed my boyfriend up to follow my blog, but I still have a big zero where my email followers should be.


    Have you resolved the issue? I am thinking it is because people have not confirmed the subscription through their email yet…


    There are no longer any notifications for email (non-Wordpress) followers. It has something to do with privacy, but I do not know all the details. I had this same thing happen to me, but for a time I did receive notifications, but suddenly they stopped coming. It was after asking here on the forum, that I got an answer. It was kind of frustrating for a time.

    To see your list of WordPress and email followers go to your Dashboard>Site stats. Down at the bottom you will see Totals, Followers, Shares. Click on Blog followers and you will see a page that has both WordPress and Email followers.

    Now if they have not yet confirmed their subscription, they will not show up on the list.

    Because there is no notification for these followers, I just try to remember to look at the number now and again to see if it goes up.

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