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Why are ads present on my blog when I have a No-Ads upgrade in my upgrade bundle

  1. I see adverts on my page ( I believe they have always been present.

    But I have the €99 upgrade bundle and was under the impression this would surpress ads. Is this correct?

    Blog url:

  2. Hi there, I looked up your record and it appears that you previously applied for WordAds, so those were enabled. Several months later, you purchased the Pro Bundle which included the No Ads upgrade.

    If you'd like to benefit from WordAds profit sharing, you can complete the setup under Settings > WordAds. Alternatively, let me know if you'd like to have that disabled.

  3. Hi Jenia

    Thanks for the very prompt response. Now I understand, that makes sense.

    Please disable WordAds... it's a great idea and I may return to use it once I've begun to drive some traffic to the site, but for now I think its best with no ads.

    So I confirm, please diasable WordAds on

    And thanks for the help

  4. Hi David, I asked our Ads team to get in touch with you to follow up on this.

  5. Hi David
    WordAds is paused I am not seeing WordAds on your site now but please let us know if you see any. Thanks, Jon

  6. Brilliant...everything looks fine...
    Thanks to both of your for the speedy support.

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