Why are all messages from [(email redacted)] arriving BLANK?

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    I access my e-mail using Outlook webmail and I.E. 8. In the last few days ALL messages from [(email redacted)] are arriving blank.

    This includes all “Like” and “Comment” notices and my subscription to my own blog.

    The messages just have a message header and a blank gray page.

    NOTE: While viewing one of these messages, if I copy/paste into Firefox the URL showing in the I.E. address field, I CAN view the messages. (I can’t use Firefox with Outlook webmail, because only “Outlook Lite” is available through Firefox).

    –John Robinson
    Blog url: http://thedailygraff.wordpress.com/



    Hi John,

    Thanks for your detailed report! It sounds like there may be an issue with the rendering of our WordPress emails in Microsoft Office. Would you be able to send a screenshot of what you see when you load the message?

    Additionally, can you let me know if you have HTML and images enabled in your Outlook email or are you viewing plain text only?



    I’ve attached a screenshot in a reply to your e-mail, but I don’t know if you’ll get it through the “donotreply” address. If not, let me know how to send you an image. No matter how far down I scroll on the message, it’s still a blank gray page.

    I have HTML enabled and have always been able to see the messages/subscribed posts before this. The problem occurred right after WordPress changed the “look” of how a subscribed post arrives in our e-mail. I saw one example of the new format before starting to get the blank messages.



    P.S. Forgot to mention that I DO have images enabled.



    Thanks so much for all of this information! Would you be able to upload your screenshot to your blog’s Media Library, via your Dashboard -> Media Library -> Add New?

    Then, I can take a look at what you see :)



    I have uploaded 2 images to my Media Library:

    Blog url: http://thedailygraff.wordpress.com/




    I’ve just gone back through my e-mail messages and pinpointed when the problem started. The last mesage from [(email redacted)] I was able to see was a “Like” on Monday, September 26, 2011, at 7:20 AM.

    The very next “Like”–23 min. later–was blank (Monday, September 26, 2011, at 7:43 AM). All messages after that have been blank.




    Hi John,

    Thanks so much for your help! We’ve alerted our team to this issue and they expect to have it resolved quickly (hopefully by tomorrow).

    Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help in the meantime!


    Thanks for all your help, Evarlese!

    As of 5:34 this evening the messages have started to arrive normally. I just got two “Likes” that I was able to open and read.

    The only favor I ask is that you check out my humorous photoblog! I have posted one of my photos with a hmorous title and caption every weekday since Nov. 1, 2010.




    Hi John,

    Happy to help! And I certainly will check out your photoblog :)



    Thanks for subscribing! Ironically, the notice about your subscription arrived as a blank message as have all the messages since. The problem is still happening.


    * In order to see WHO had just subscribed, I copy/pasted the message URL into Firefox and then clicked on the “Profile” link.


    We’ve made an update to try to resolve this issue. Could you please let us know if you’re still seeing any blank emails?


    As of 11:41 EST I am still getting blank messages (it was a comment posted to a thread I’d subscribed to).


    Make that 11:41 EDT


    If you want up-to-the-minute feedback, you could post a comment to my blog that just said “Test,” and I would let you know how that message came in:



    Two comment-thread messages arrived at 4:11 and 4:13 EDT–still blank.



    It looks like the fix only worked for a few folks, but we’re still looking into it.


    Of the 12 messages sent from [(email redacted)] between 12:09 AM and 8:08 AM, only the one time-stamped “2:20 AM” arrived normally:

    New comment on your post “The Outfit is Wasted on Her”
    Author : niasunset (IP: ,

    The rest were blank. The one that arrived OK was the 3rd in the list of 12.



    Thanks for letting us know!


    Of the 12 messages I received between 12:23 AM and 7:06 PM only the 10th (1:04 PM) and 12th (7:06 PM) messages arrived normally.

    ONE comment with one time stamp arrived in my inbox twice, with different information showing in my inbox for each. The 2nd instance arrived normally.

    I have uploaded to my Media Library a screenshot from my inbox to show you what these 2 entries for the same comment looked like in my inbox:


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