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Why are all my comments going to spam?

  1. I have changed my discussion settings so that no approval is needed for any comment, and yet it all still goes to spam including my own comments. Readers do not need to provide an Email to comment, or be registered, or already have a previously approved comment. No approval is necessary. I never used to have a problem, and suddenly now I do and I can't seem to fix it. Anyone else having this issue?
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  2. As you allow anonymous commenting your blog is a spam magnet. I think you ought to take a very close look at the comments you have approved just in case you have approved any spam comments. Spam attracts spam. If you approved spam comments then spammers will be on your blog like flies on a manure pile.

  3. That being said, all you have to do is keep checking your spam filter and approving your own comments and/or any other legitimate comments you find there as when you do Akismet learns.

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