Why are all my facebook friends counted as followers?

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    I just added the Follow Blog widget to my sidebar and it seems to include all of my FB friends as followers. I know that I only have couple of followers who have clicked on my blog to follow me. Is there a way to change this count so that my FB friends are not included unless they are actually clicking the follow button? I know, I’m a newbie, but I appreciate all of your support!

    Thanks, Corey

    The blog I need help with is lessandmorewithfour.wordpress.com.



    When you create a facebook like box in as your widget. You’ll have to add the url of your facebook page which you own. That page will definitely contains some of your fans no matter they ever visited your blog or not.
    But to add only those followers who clicked seeing your blog is impossible.



    Actually, I thought the number of Facebook Followers was added when you Publicize your blog to your Facebook Page.

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