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Why are all my videos suddenly microscopic?

  1. I did not change any settings yet all my videos shrunk to tiny sizes. All are Youtube videos.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Will you please post an active link strating with http:// to the post or page you are on about so we can view it and help you.

  3. Well, sure there are dozens but here's the latest one anyway.

  4. Good grief! I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  5. Fine with me so long as they can solve my problem!

  6. @ameliespp
    I flagged this for Staff attention before that flesh peddling spammer posted.

  7. LOL what can you do, these slimebags are everywhere. Berkeley has a science website and even they get these scum posting stuff on their site.

  8. @@ameliespp
    Have you tried editing the post and seeing what happened to the video code in the HTML editor?

  9. I have about as much knowlege of that as I do of putting a man on the moon. If you want me to send you the post link and the original video link I can, but it won't mean anything to me.

  10. No fon't fo that. Not to worry as Staff have backend access to blogs. I'm assuming something happened in the code that changed the width and height attributes of the videos to "tiny".

  11. ***headesk***
    I hate this keyboard and I'm mad at me for not spellchecking. :(

  12. If they could check, that would be great. The video was unedited and changed all on its own.

  13. That is very strange indeed. Is it just that post?

    If not, would you mind sharing at least one other?

  14. We found the problem.

    At Settings -> Media in your Dashboard, you have "Maximum size for auto-embeds" set to 150 x 150.

    Just leave them blank for the default.

  15. Thank you! Will that change the videos back to normal size?

  16. WORKED!! Thanks, you guys are really good!

  17. You're welcome!

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