Why are blogs not being sent to allocated email addresses?

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    For some reason my blogs are not appearing in my emails or in the emails of those I allocated my blogs to. Previously they weren’t going to face book either. Could you find out why this is happening and maybe rectify the problem?

    The blog I need help with is reneelouise21.wordpress.com.



    Your blogs would not appear in your email. Comment notifications and other notifications might if you have set them to do so. Check your Personal Settings and other settings that offer email notification.

    I’m not sure what allocated means in this instance, but I assume you mean users on your site. They will need to set their own settings for email notification of comments and subscribe to the site to be notified of new posts when they are published.

    Also check your default email account to ensure it is accurate in Users > Personal Settings and Settings > General.

    If you would like your posts to appear on Facebook, see Publicize, the feature that links your WordPress.com site to your Facebook account.

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