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Why are embedded images displaying at up to three times the size they are set at

  1. This would make pairing images (side-by-side) impossible because these settings vary tremendously from image to image. Also, setting an image into text would often be a problem if I no longer have the freedom to choose any appropriate size.

  2. I think I've also dragged the corners to adjust the sizes of multiple aligned images in a table.

  3. Yes, I mean the "thumbnail, medium, large, and full size" choices.

    I'd like you to just try them now so that we can narrow down the problem and hopefully fix it.

    If those work, that puts us one step closer to identifying the issue.

  4. They do work. I'm not even aware of an alternative to using those present choices. I use them always as the first step as I've described above. Only then do I modify them.

  5. The issue is size-full being inserted into the class fields for the image when using the other re-size methods.

    This was a bug in the past which we resolved. After skimming through all of the code here related to images and post writing/editing, we found absolutely nothing that inserts size-full today. In fact, all we did find were a few checks to remove size-full, just in case it ever did come back, so it's pretty much impossible that size-full would still be inserted, unless you were copying code from an old post affected by the bug.

    Three of us attempted to reproduce this exactly as you described, with the Koi theme, using Firefox, and were unable to reproduce the problem.

    Are you copying the HTML code for the images from elsewhere or previous post?

  6. Thanks,

    As I mentioned a few messages back, I did have to use old material recently to repair this page. I had accidentally deleted nearly the entire content and replaced it by using an old revision. But I only had to go back a week or ten days I think.

    Regarding copying from an old post to this page. I don't immediately recall doing so recently, but but it's possible because a portion of it is also in a separate feature. That might have been it.

    Since I began this thread I have published over forty new pages: 1 on 30 November, 12 in December, and 30 in January. Posts are usually copies of pages on this site, so I won't count those. None of the 43 new pages has developed this issue as far as I know. And I've yet to see another instance of it since early December.

  7. Note that I copy content from one blog (of mine) to another from time to time as well.

  8. I ran the fixer again just to make sure we caught everything up to this point.

    For the next few posts, I recommend just inserting the images in as normal and avoid copying code.

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