Why are embedded YouTube videos saying they are "restricted from playback?"

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    As of December, 2013, I had made my latest music video post, in where I embed and share a couple music videos of a favoured artist, while also providing the link to the original YouTube page, and often encouraging viewers to buy their music on iTunes.
    As of today, February 19, 2014, practically all of my embedded video clips do not play anymore. They go all static-y and display a message that reads:
    “This video contains content from [VEVO] or [UMG] or [WMG]. It is restricted from playback on certain sites.”
    I’ve never had issues embedding videos before… Is there new embedding “laws” that YouTube has now created for 2014, making sharing much more difficult? Are they cracking down on sharing? Is it a WordPress-YouTube relationship issue?
    The last time I checked my videos was in December 2013, and they worked. Within two months of the new year they don’t, so I’m wondering if something is new for 2014 that I’m not aware of?

    Any information on the matter would be greatly appreciated. :)
    Oh, and yes, when I follow the root provider on YouTube, the videos have not been removed and play perfectly fine while on YouTube. I’ve even tried getting a new “embed code” and updated my page to no avail. Same error, denying the embedded video from playing.

    The blog I need help with is schnippits.wordpress.com.



    What country are you in? This is most likely an IP issue. If you use TOR or some other IP anonymizing service, the videos will show up. Your videos are showing for me.

    So what is happening is that YouTube is seeing where you are, and it is disabling playback for people in your country. They are doing this more and more, and it’s VERY irritating.



    I’m in Canada…. like it’s a stone throw from USA, which I assume is where the majority of VEVO vids are allowed to be played…
    I generally go to the official video posted by the artist and in YouTube, go to the “Share” tab, click “Embed”, choose the window size I like, and copy and paste that shortcut hmtl coding stuff and then the video window pops up in my blog post.
    Like, all these videos worked, and I triple check their functionality after posting, and monitor every so often… I’m just wondering if they made new rules…
    Like you said, maybe country jurisdiction is one of the new rules…



    But then why would I be able to see the videos on YouTube itself, if it knows I’m in Canada, and my profile is set up Canadian?
    Cuz I can see the videos on YouTube, but as soon as I try playing it via my WordPress post, it’s denied…



    Have you tried it using a different connection? Maybe your workplace restricts YouTube playback or something.

    In order to help you more, I will need a link to a post where the video is not playing for you. I am in Canada and couldn’t find a video on your blog that wasn’t working.



    I can view the videos on my site via the WordPress App… But when I use a computer, the computer that I’ve made all these posts from actually, it denies it. I haven’t changed any computer settings…
    This page doesn’t work:

    I don’t know how to show you a screenshot lol, I have the picture, just there’s no phot upload option here



    Hmm, I’ll have to check my videos on another computer and see what’s up.
    I’ve asked a couple friends to check it out, too, and see what they get.
    I’m off to bed though, so I’ll have to continue this tomorrow.
    Thank you so much raincoaster for your help, though! In a sense it is good to know it might be singled out as a problem with the computer itself, but bad because I don’t know where to start to fix it haha!



    Video works fine from Victoria BC. Perhaps contact your ISP?



    I think I may have found the issue by process of elimination, lol.

    What browser are you using to view the site?
    My brother tested it within our same wifi network and it worked fine… but upon further inspection, he was using Firefox and it worked great. When he tried it on Internet Explorer, it failed.
    I only use Internet Explorer (call me old fashioned) on my laptop, and it maybe that’s why it’s failing.
    It would also explain why my Safari on my iphone can see it….
    So I think it’s Internet Explorer that’s the block….. I don’t understand why though it would, when everything worked two months ago.

    Thanks for your help, from a confused dude in Ontario lol



    Maybe you just need to update your IE?



    Thanks again for your input, been helpful! :D

    I have windows 7 and most recent IE and Flash….
    I’ve opted to get firefox and that’ll fix the issue. IE has been slacking anyway.


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