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Why are Google Ads appearing on most page loads

  1. peruchildrenstrust

    I never came across google ads on the post page on my wordpress site. suddenly they seem to be appearing almost every time I view the page. Has WordPress changed their policy? WordPress quote "The ad code tries hard not to intrude or show ads to regular readers, which means a small percentage of page views [might have an ad]." This is not my experience. Anyone else have the same issue?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can't answer any technical questions without a URL starting with http.

  3. peruchildrenstrust

  4. Thank you. WordPress hasn't changed their policy, you're just viewing it in a way that most webmasters here do not. I'd venture to say you're not logged in when you see these ads; are you?

    Basically, if your computer has the cookie saying you visit that blog often OR are a member, you won't see those ads.

  5. peruchildrenstrust

    Thanks. You were right I was not logged in.

    I am just surprised today that every time I or a colleague visits the post there seems to an ad. Not quite what I would call a small percentage of page views. Seems like 90+% for me.

  6. Well, that was instructional. After logging out, I hopped over to the "What did you post in your blog" thread in the OT forum. Of the 7 direct posts I visited, 6 had an advertisement on them and 2 of those were using Flash. After I logged in again, and refreshed the post, all the ads disappeared. I'm using Firefox.

    So, I think the "small percentage" may have grown somewhat. But regardless, has shown ads on our blogs at least since 2006. It's one of the things that helps keep the free features free.

  7. I'm sure it has increased since I've been here, in part as a response to the number of people running Adblocker etc. Probably the total dollars are the same, but the percentage is WAY up; it's just that most people haven't seen them because of adblocker software.

  8. @peruchildrenstrust, If you don't want ads on your blog you can purchase the following upgrade "No-ads" Support Doc → No¬†Ads

  9. peruchildrenstrust

    Thanks for your comments. Looks like I may need to consider it now the no. of ads have increased.

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