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Why are images tagged "size-medium" in CSS displaying at full size?

  1. The last line has been changed to

    Note, however, that caches at Google and elsewhere will retain the sizing errors indefinitely, potentially "forever".

  2. :)

  3. A bit dramatic, eh? Google caches will hopefully not be a major problem for long. I'm more concerned with sites like Wayback Machine that keep caches for years. It looks like Wayback only got one cache of the main Songbook URL during the relevant period. I don't know if they do individual posts and pages. Didn't find any in a brief search. Did find a Google page cache containing the distorted images very easily.

  4. designsimply,

    Thanks for your patient and generous assistance.
    Here are the others in my musicdoc1 account which need your magic class name removal treatment. I'll compile a list of the remainder from my alternate accounts ASAP:
    bossa nova, tropicália, and early MPB
    brigitte bardot (p)
    Johnny Cash (p)

  5. Either way works in this case.

    I've process the following blogs to remove size-thumbnail, size-medium, size-large, and size-full class names:

  6. Thanks designsimply,

    I'd forgotten how energetically I took to creating sites a few years ago. There are actually 44 separate blogs to be processed from my second account. There may be a couple (2) more to do in a third account. Would you like all at once?

  7. I might prefer to submit a few of these to you privately, via email or some other method.

  8. Would you like all at once?

    No problem.

    I might prefer to submit a few of these to you privately, via email or some other method.

    Also no problem. I will send you a note and ask for the list.

  9. I will send you a note and ask for the list.

    Still awaiting your note.

  10. I sent it on 08 Oct 2013 09:52 PM UTC to the email address listed for username musicdoc1 on the Users page in the dashboard.

    If you can't find it, try checking your spam folder just in case it was filed there by mistake.

  11. I found your note "hiding" in the Social subcategory of my email, a place I hadn't even been aware of. Will try to get the list to you in the next couple of days. Sorry about the delay.

  12. No worries, of course. I'll be around.

  13. You didn't get them? Sent the list Thursday night, early on the 11th. I sent it multiple times because it surprisingly came out as links the first time. I guess my email service automatically creates links with ".com" items. On subsequent attempts, I used the remove formatting button, but they were still sent as links.

    I'll send them again if you can't find them. There are 46 sites in the list.

  14. Your note to me was received in a special "Social" section of my email messages. Maybe my response was tagged social and is hiding somewhere in your email.

  15. designsimply,

    You are evidently not receiving my email messages. I've sent at least four responsed to your October 8 email note.

    Sent a separate message to WP support today as a general notification of the apparent loss or misplacement of my email messages to you.

  16. at least four "responses"

  17. I just found the email and processed the list of blogs.

  18. Thank you.

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