Why are my asides showin on my recent posts

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    Now I’m pretty much clueless.

    The blog I need help with is futurehospitalityleaders.wordpress.com.


    PS They’re assigned a number and that’s how they’re displayed under ‘Recent Posts’.



    The theme you are using is an unusual one. Please see here for a Guide to The Morning After.


    It’s not helpful :(


    It’s not helpful :(

    They’re automatically assigned a category. I can’t unasign a category for my asides. Could that be it?



    Lower section: “asides” (no title, no date, no comments, no categories, no line or paragraph breaks).

    The web designer chose to code the theme to display Asides as explained in the post I linked to. As your asides do not have titles WordPress software provides a number.

    Your choice are:
    1. stick with this theme but do not create any asides; create only standard posts
    2. switch to a theme that is coded to treat asides in the manner you want.


    Well I want them displayed just like that (no title, no date, no comments, no categories, no line or paragraph brakes)… just as they appear on other sites.

    But they don’t appear just like that. Why, why do they appear in ‘recent posts’ as well?


    Because they are posts.

    Other themes have up to ten different post formats. As its name shows, the Recent Posts widget displays your latest posts (no matter what their format). If you wish to display your recent standard posts only, then you can either take advantage of the Featured posts section for that, or use a Links widget or a Text widget instead of the Recent Posts widget. The drawback, od course, is that you’ll have to update the links manually each time you publish a new standard post.


    OK, I get what you’re saying.

    If you take a look at their homepage, you’ll see they advertise it as if it were possible to gave recent posts not display asides/updates.




    FYI, the WordPress.COM version of themes is often different from the one available on the theme maker’s website (which is for self-hosted WordPress.ORG blogs)

    This is the demo you should rely on:


    How professional of them :-/


    I don’t know if you’re referring to the theme maker or to WP, but there’s nothing unprofessional in either case. Self-hosted blogs and wp.com blogs run different software, and they have different possibilities and different limitations. When a theme is adapted for wp.com, it has to be stripped of features that cannot work in wp.com, and it has to be modified to fit the system we all share and accomodate the features wp.com offers. If you are a wp.com user, you simply have to look for info that’s relevant to wp.com, not wp.org.

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