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Why are my blog's posts out of order on the homepage? Also, theme trouble.

  1. The posts are out of order. Also, I put the settings to have only the latest post on the homepage, but there are three displayed - the first two from months ago, and the third is the most recent.
    Also, I want to use the "Balloons" theme, but the balloons are covering text in my heading. Can I fix this?
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  2. When your posts do not appear in rverse chenological orrder there are two possible causes.

    The default timezone setting is UTC time. To change that to your own timezone you go here > Settings > General > and select the closest city to you in the same timezone in the dropdown menu you see there and then click "save changes".

    If that does not correct the issue then the problenm is usually due to the blogger have a passle of posts that are all marked as sticky posts. In that case edit and remove the "sticky posts" designation.

  3. I can't believe I didn't notice that. Turns out they were "Sticky", although I don't remember setting them that way.Thanks! :)
    Now for the theme issue... Any ideas?

  4. balloons are covering text in my heading.

    Taglines are brief branding messages. You have repeated the same keywords in the Blog Title and in the Tagline so it may look like keyword stuffing to search engine bots.

    We aim not to exceed 70 characters total including spaces in the Blog Title and Tagline as Google will display only 70 characters. You have 81 characters including spaces.Your solution is to create a shorter Tagline that does not repeat keywords found in your Blog Title here > Settings > General > Tagline

  5. So basically, it's too wordy. That's nothing new for me. :) I'll fix it. Thanks for the quick response!

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