Why are my comments being moderated

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    why are my comments being moderated, there is nothing offensive, racist or even swearing and they are repeatedly deleted. Here is the comment

    So who happens to be this extremist group that has just taken over Fallujah in Iraq? They are not a figment of anyone’s imagination especially to the tens of thousands killed by their members in Africa, Middle East and Asia.



    Hello Mister Nonsequitur, and welcome to the WordPress.com technical support forum, where we are here to help you solve your software issues and nobody gives a rat’s ass about your thoughts on Fallujah.

    What is the URL of the blog to which you are referring? Have you attempted to contact the actual person responsible for the blog?



    Ok, if your response is representative of an official response on behalf of WordPress.com I do not appreciate it and find it offensive.

    Yes I have tried to contact the person responsible but as your website has no contact webmaster or moderator this is impossible hence my posting here. As you imply you are here to solve software problems, how about creating a way of contacting the webmaster or moderator instead of the type of response you have given here.



    You think you’re asking a reasonable question, but your audience here might be frustrated by what you’re leaving out. Apparently you mean you’ve entered comments on somebody’s WordPress blog and the owner of the blog has chosen to delete them? As Raincoaster says, the owner of that blog is the one you need to talk to, not WordPress.com, nor this forum where volunteers spend many hours providing how-to technical assistance to the millions of people who blog using WordPress.com. The owners of individual blogs are independent and will feel free to include or exclude whatever material they see fit — so yes, quite likely if they don’t like your opinion they will delete it and have no requirement to justify their actions to anyone.

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