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Why are my comments being spammed?

  1. For some reason all my comments on WP blogs are going into the spam box today - even on my own blog. Any tips?

  2. maybe you putted link into you commets, if the comment full of links it will be considered as spam.

  3. No, the only link is in my name. That's not the cause.

  4. Did you recently comment on someone else's blog? Maybe they sent your comment to their spam which gets uploaded to askimet, so it'll make every other blog see your comment as spam.

    Make sure that you unmark your own comments as spam on your own site. You can also send an email to staff (askimet is now owned by by clicking on the support link below.

  5. I would contact support so they can fix it

  6. I don't think anyone has spammed my comments and I have unmarked the comments on my own blog.

  7. ray,

    please contact support with details of the comments on your own blog that were spammed.

    edit: if it's the two comments with IDs 8238 and 8239, it looks like you weren't logged in when you wrote those -- correct?

  8. If you would like you can send a comment to my blog and see if it
    goes into the spam filter on my blog if it does I will de-spam you... =)

    Teck~Line &raquo Guest Book

  9. Thanks teck07, I left a comment on your blog and it went into spam . And yes, I was logged in when I made it.

  10. I'll contact support tellyworthy but yes I wasn't logged in when I made the comments to my blog that were spammed - and I've noticed that if I am logged in, the comments only go into spam at other blogs, not mine.

  11. Your welcome It showed up in my spam folder I De-spammed you... =)

  12. did you recently leave a commet on someones blog if you did they could of
    marked your commet as spam...

  13. Yes, but if that means I'm "spammed" everywhere I go then there's something wrong with the system isn't there? I can't imagine that by marking someone's comment as spam it then means they can't comment anywhere else - that hardly seems right.

  14. People do it all the time they either don't like what you have to say or they mark your comment for the fun of it or they made a honest mistake...

    I would use the support like I provided above and they'll be able to fix it for you... =)

    P.S> I agree it's not right and it tells the system that some one is sending spam when there not and in the long run makes the system learn false information..

  15. Akismet will learn.

    For comments on your own blog, the solution is to post them while logged in.

    If you find this happening repeatedly on other sites, please contact Akismet support with your name, email address, blog address and IP address:

    For comments at other sites, if it's happening repeatedly we need you to send your name, email address, blog address and IP address to Akismet support:

  16. Thanks tellyworth, but the reason I comment on my site unlogged is so people don't click on the name instead of the comment.

    Anyway it's happening at other sites when I'm logged in and I find it hard to believe that anyone could be universally shut out of the system by just one person inadvertently marking their comment as spam.

  17. That's not how Akismet works -- one spam report is not enough (nor one unspam report).

    If you comment on your own site without logging in, neither WordPress nor Akismet can distinguish between a real comment by you, and an anonymous comment.

  18. Well, whatever happened it seems to be fixed now. Thanks.

  19. I've had the same thing happen, too. A number of bloggers whose sites I comment on regularly have "unspammed" me, so I'm hoping the problem corrects itself soon. It's frustrating, though, trying to backtrack and find what I could have said to whom, and why it was marked as spam in the first place.

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