Why are my comments rejected or fail when I am logged in or trying to?

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    lost comments

    I guess it boils down to – please tell me, what is the trick to logging in in such a way that WP actually recognises me and the fact I am logged in and accepts the comments I am trying to post?

    Two scenarios have been occurring frequently enough over the past couple months that I genuinely think it’s more than user stupidity. Problem is, it is not 100% consistent – once in a while I do succeed in posting a comment.

    Scenario One: I am logged in – honest – I am in my own dashboard or reader, and I decide to visit another blog. Either I click to the blog from the summary in my WP reader page, or I might open another tab in my browser and go to the blog via typing the URL or using a bookmark. Many times – but not always – I do NOT get that header line across the top – the black bar that says “cynthia” and shows my gravatar image at the top right end. Why not? I am logged in, I might even have navigated to other blog via my WP reader – so why does the other WP blog not recognise the fact I am logged in? If I had just that instant logged in, ok, maybe there needs a time lag (how long?), but if I have been logged in and on line on WP for a few hours…???? So, when I want to comment, despite the fact I am already logged in, I try to login via the WP symbol in the comment field and that might work, as far as logging me in, apparently, but then the comment gets rejected: when I hit “post comment” I get a white screen with message “sorry this comment could not be posted.”

    Scenario Two: I am not logged in. I want to comment on a WP blog. So, I click on the WP icon in the comment field and log in with my WP ID. The information auto fills so I imagine I am good to go. I write my comment. I click “Post Comment”. I get a blank white page with a message “Sorry this comment could not be posted”. Clicking back via the browser returns me to the blog, but my comment text is lost, as is my login. This scenario occurred again just now (roughly 11:00 AM here in Portugal) on TimeThief’s blog http://thistimethisspace.com

    One time, I got the white screen, went back to the blog (no sign of my comment) and started over, logged in via comment field, and pasted in the text i had thought to copy because of all these problems, and when I clicked “post comment” I got a white screen which said something like “oops, looks like you posted the same thing twice”. But it never did get published, so I guess neither copy actually arrived in the comment queue of the blog owner.

    Additionally, on several occasions, I was logged in, the comment apparently “took” as I saw it posted with the note about being held in moderation – but the blog owner never saw the comment in her queue, so it never did get published. This happened with TimeThief, on her http://OneCoolSiteBloggingTips.com , when I had a guest post and was replying to many comments there. Timethief and I correponded via e-mail about this problem, she confirmed that she never saw the comment and she recommended I contact Support. I did not do so at that time, as the next couple comments worked, so I thought maybe it was ok.

    But it just failed again, so I am tired and I want you to tell me how on earth to log in so WP really recognises the fact of being logged in for comment purposes, and posts the comments. thanks.

    And yes, I have read the Forums about recent changes to commenting (circa March 2012), and I understand… but logging in doesn’t seem to work!

    The blog I need help with is winewomantravel.wordpress.com.



    I thought I was sending a support request – can someone from the forums redirect to Support? thanks.



    Hi there Cynthia,
    I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    Thanks TimeThief, I am subscribed. Fingers crossed.



    Can you please try clearing out your browser cache?

    Do you also encounter this issue in a different browser? for example Safari or Google Chrome?



    Hi. I only use Firefox (which is kept up to date), and it is set to clear cache every time I shut down the browser – no cache, no history is retained from session to session. This problem has happened repeatedly, many different days over the course of several months, many different sessions, so I don’t think it’s cache and I have already ruled out the just-a-blip-today possibility (that’s why I never raised the question till now!). Thanks.



    Hi Cynthia,

    This issue usually pops up if you don’t have third-party cookies enabled in your browser. Those cookies help you stay logged in when you visit different WordPress.com sites (including sites that use a custom domain name). You can check to see if you have third-party cookies enabled on this support page: Preview Problems and Third Party Cookies

    Firefox has instructions for managing your cookies settings here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/enable-and-disable-cookies-website-preferences

    Can you try enabling third-party cookies and let us know if that helps with this issue?



    Aha!! I have that “accept 3rd party cookies?” set to “never!” though for what it’s worth, I clicked to this page from the email, was told I had to log in, logged in, navigated back, and it worked… despite that setting. But I will change that setting to accept them and see how that works in future. Thanks very much.



    Great! :) Changing that setting should fix this issue, but please let me know if you continue to have trouble and we can look into it further.

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