Why are my Feeds still truncated to 55 words ?

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    I want to share the content of my blog with News Republic and they want to have a full feed, and not only a summary of all my posts. I’ve chosen “Full Text” in the reading options, but they still receive summary and not full text (in fact, when I go to http://icommephoto.com/feed/rss/ to read the feed, I actualy see summary of my posts and not full text). Is it possible to give full text through RSS (since my emails give the full texts and not only summaries…). I really need help here, please !

    Thanks a lot in advance for you help.

    The blog I need help with is icommephoto.com.


    Go here instead and you will see your feed with posts in full


    I’m not sure what the http://icommephoto.com/feed/rss is all about. I know that is the feed URL on the built in RSS button, but that has never been the way RSS feed URLs to this point.

    Use the one above at News Republic instead of the one with the /rss/ at the end.



    Thank you very much : it seems to work perfectly !


    You are welcome.

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