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Why are my followers no longer receiving email notifications from me?

  1. It appears that none of my followers are any longer receiving email notifications when I publish a new blog post.

    From my discussions with friends who are also followers of the blog, it seems the last email they received was on the 13th of September this year.

    Any ideas what will have caused this?
    Blog url:

  2. Would you please tell us which version of Jetpack you're using?

  3. Version 1.8.2

  4. Ok, are you following your own blog?

    If so, did you receive the latest post via email and would you please check your email's spam folder if you did not receive it?

  5. Hi macmanx. I followed my own blog last week and published a new post this morning. I didn't receive any email notification and there is nothing in my Spam folder. I checked with two close friends who subscribe to the blog and they also didn't receive any email.

  6. Sorry about that!

    We're aware of the issue and there will be a fix in the next release.

  7. Will there be an opportunity to tailor a message to people who have missed out on so many of my posts? Just to let them know what's happened?

  8. Sure! Once the next version of Jetpack is released, my best suggestion is to publish a brief post (like normal) pointing your email subscribers to posts they might've missed since email notifications weren't being sent.

  9. Any idea when this release is scheduled to arrive?

  10. No, I don't have a time frame for the next Jetpack release.

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