Why are my hotlinks different colors?

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    The hotlinks on my page, which can be viewed at http://masterpeace.wordpress.com , show up in two different colors. The ones I like are the reddish ones. However, for some unknown reason, some links show up in a grayish color that I don’t like. I would like to keep all hotlinks the reddish color.

    I know, of course, that the answer to this question lies in the source code for my page, but I am a neophyte when it comes to HTML. When I look at the source code for the page, it is too complicated.

    Can someone who knows about these things please take a look at the code and let me know where I need to make these changes? I know what code I am looking for, and what changes I need to make, I can do it.

    Thanks friends!



    Oops. That last sentence should start with the word “If”.



    It’s not buried in the source code.

    The red links are one of two things, designed as a default red (ie: category and comment links) or they are links you or a visitor has clicked on and visited. (ie: sidebar and in post links)

    A link that has is what you are calling “grayish color” is the designed color prior to someone clicking on it.

    That is all controlled by the CSS Stylesheet and you have no access to it.




    ah. i see. got to get some visitors to click on those links!!

    thanks for your help.



    i changed the presentation to rubric 1.0, which i like better than connections 1.0 anyways.

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