Why are my images blurry???

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    I wonder if anyone out there has any insight into my problem. This started a while ago, my pictures used to be just fine, but now they look really blurry – UNLESS you click on them, then they’re nice and sharp as they should be.

    I did get a new, higher-resolution camera. Could it have something to do with that? I tried changing the resolution but no change.

    Here is an example:


    Just AWFUL!!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    The blog I need help with is sweetpeahats.wordpress.com.


    The images you have uploaded to that page are 444px wide. The “full-sized” image area for your particular theme is 455px wide. That means that the image is having to be enlarged, and that falls to the browser which does a lousy job of it.

    You need to upload images that are the exact size for the main content area, which is 455px wide. The wordpress and the browser will not have to resize them.


    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I’m going nuts over here! I redid the images in that post I linked after reading an article about resizing them to the size of the theme. They look much better now. But I can’t make them larger now. And all the other images on the blog look absolutely AWFUL, totally blurry!

    Another example:


    Is there no way to have images on WordPress that are sharp when viewed on the page? When I click on them to see them larger, they look perfectly fine. I just can’t understand why they show up so completely blurry otherwise…



    And I’m having the same problem with my other blog…crappy pictures when viewed on the page, perfectly fine when viewed large:


    There MUST be something I’m missing, no?


    If image quality and clarity are important to you, and you want the smaller image in posts or pages to link to a larger version, you have to prepare and upload two different images. You insert the correct sized image into the post or page, and then you link that image to the larger version that you uploaded. It is extra work, but anytime you rely on a web software package, or a browser to resize images, the results are not going to be near as good as you get by doing the work in a dedicated image editing program.

    I usually name my images something like this:

    image-455.jpg (455 being the width of the image)
    image-800.jpg (the 800px wide image I uploaded to be used as the larger linked image)

    You can upload any size you want for the full-sized image, but I would suggest keeping the file size around 100k or less so that they will load quickly for visitors.

    For the smaller image in the posts or pages, try and keep them under 75k (under 50k would be better).



    Yes, image quality and clarity are definitely important.

    Now how do I link a smaller image to the larger version?


    If you upload the larger image first, when it finishes, there will be a link to the image at the bottom of the upload/insert window (grey field). Copy that and then when you insert the smaller image, put that copied link to the larger image into the “URL link” field before inserting the image.

    Or, you can always edit the image (in the post click the image to highlight it and then click the edit button (mountain icon) ) and add the link in there after the fact.


    Thanks so much for all your help! So then only the smaller image will show up in the post? Where does the larger image go? Does it just kind of reside in the gallery? I mean you don’t hit “insert into post” after uploading the large image, right?
    I’m really not familiar with this and I do appreciate you helping ever so much!


    Okay, I think I have this figured out:

    1. Upload large image, save changes
    2. Upload small image, add URL to large image
    3. See unblurry picture and click to see nice, sharp larger image

    I’m pretty sure I’ve got it right now, thanks again soooo much!!!

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