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Why are my images on customized Minimalist Theme are blurred on main page?

  1. I'm using a customized minimalist theme and the images on my main page are blurry when uploaded. When you click on the image it goes to a new page and the images is much more sharp. I customized the width of the images to be 800px wide. Before I upload an image I use Photoshop to resize the image to 800px wide but the problem persists. For some reason when the image is uploaded the quality is reduced.
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  2. bryanvillarin


    The main column width for the Manifest theme is 500 pixels. If you export to the exact width, our image processor won't need to resize the image, and the image will be displayed without further processing.

  3. I want the images to be displayed at 800 pixels. I used CSS to change the 500px restricted width to 800px. Is there a way to display the images at 800px without distortion?

  4. bryanvillarin

    Ah, I'm sorry about that! My mistake. I see what you've added in the CSS tab.

    It looks like the "Limit width" setting is currently 900 pixels. Can you update that setting as well and let me know how that works for you?

  5. This seems to have worked. Thank you for your help.

  6. bryanvillarin

    You're welcome!

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