Why are my photos disappearing when I save the draft of my post?

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    I’m glad it isn’t just me! I had been hoping the problem would have resolved itself but when I posted last night it was still the same. I’m posting from my dashboard, as usual, nothing has changed! Hoping someone from WP can help as this is incredibly annoying.


    This is my first time in a thread like this so this is probably a dumb question, but will WP respond to us here, or do we need to just keep trying to load pics?



    I have this issue also. I’ve always used my photobucket account for my main images and it always worked no problem before. Something must have changed because if it auto-updates it’s fine but if I update the page myself the images go away. Doesn’t matter if it is in visual mode or text mode.

    It’s getting frustrating.



    We did not have a visible support Staff presence on this support forum until today for the last 6 days. Consequently, there are many threads flagged for Staff attention. They deal with those that have the earliest dates first so you are all in the waiting game here.



    Are you folks inserting images that you have uploaded yourselves, or images hotlinked from elsewhere?

    Also, which browsers (and versions of) are you using?



    Firefox 15.0.1 and the images are stored in my WP library.



    Did you attempt to insert them after uploading through the post, or were they uploaded previously?






    Ok, that’s rather interesting. Do you notice the same problem if you upload and insert them again through the post?


    Don’t know about anyone else but…I’m using Firefox, have had the same problem whether the photos were from Photobucket, uploaded from my own computer or taken from elsewhere on the web. I’ve tried to use images that have already been uploaded as well as those uploaded through a post. And the problem is the same no matter what – as soon as I try to save the post, they’re gone. Oh, and I’ve tried this on two different computers, each with different versions of Firefox, and neither works.


    Oh, I also meant to say that when I finally managed to get one post to publish with pictures (by not saving it first) it did work on something like the third attempt, but when I then tried to edit the published post – thinking it was now fine – the pictures went again.

    Please help!



    I am having the exact same problem. I’ve also tried saving/uploading the images in different formats (png, jpg) but nothing works. The pix show up in my Image Gallery, and they show up when I first compose the post, but when I hit ‘save draft,’ they disappear. Nor do they appear in Preview. But they are still in my Gallery – more and more of them now. Argh! Thanks for the help.



    So, it sounds like most of you are using Firefox. I’d like to at least narrow it down to that if possible (though I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem on Firefox yet myself).

    Would you folks please try a difference browser, like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc?



    I have been having all of these problems for weeks and I am using Internet Explorer and Chrome. I am about ready to leave WordPress. My numbers are falling like a rocket because I can’t get anything ready to post. I have re worked every post at least 6 times. Out of desperation I posted one today with half of the images available and told my readers that I gave up trying to get it right and asked for insight. This is beyond ridiculous.


    Chrome hasn’t worked for me either. Also, I haven’t updated or changed my browser since the trouble began so there’s clearly a problem in WP rather than our browsers!



    I can be absolutely precise about this. My problem with photos began on Monday evening (UK time, between 9pm and midnight, when I gave up in fury). I use Firefox, but have encountered the identical problem when using Chrome.

    I’m not about to leave WordPress. I don’t need ‘numbers’. This problem is really just a minor irritant. My blog is merely a shop window, that gives me fun to write and a handful of friends a laugh to read. I can point potential clients to it, and it therefore gives me some industrial credibility.

    WordPress is free, and I greatly value it. If this recent glitch can be fixed, I will be grateful. If not, however, <shrug> I can work around it. What I’m doing is drafting the text ahead of time, and then simply loading photos later and stabbing the Publish button. It takes a small handful of femto-seconds more, but hey …..!



    Hm, I’m unable to duplicate the listed steps in any browser. Have you tried with all browser extensions and add-ons temporarily disabled?



    What I would like is for the ease and user-friendliness of the system, as used successfully for months previously, simply to be restored. Nothing on my computer has changed, or has been changed. What has changed appears to be something within WordPress, and it happened suddenly and identifiably, 10 days ago. I really don’t want to screw around with changing settings from those which suit me well, and which were previously operating in perfect harmony.

    This is not MY problem, silverblackbird’s problem, cindybarganier’s problem, brujaha’s problem, leculentrelesdeuxchaises’ problem, thistimethisspace’s problem, timethief’s problem, kswiberg’s problem, xandergc’s problem or chriskafer’s problem. It is YOUR problem.

    We have, separately, used the forums to advise of a problem. Please don’t try to throw it back at us, like some harassed teenage android in a benighted Bangalore sweat-shop call-centre/center.

    It would be nice if this trivial niggle could be identified and fixed. If it can’t, I can live with that. Others can’t, it seems.



    I’m not throwing it back at you, and I am not “some harassed teenage android in a benighted Bangalore sweat-shop call-centre/center.”

    I’m just trying to troubleshoot this so we can isolate the issue or at least create some sort of test environment.

    I cannot reproduce the issue, which means that it works fine as far as I can see. What I need to do is knock down the variables, so I can hopefully reproduce the issue and of course fix it. What are the variables? I don’t know unless you are able to try some things on your end as well.

    Now, have you tried with all browser extensions and add-ons temporarily disabled?



    And…given some of the things I’ve been reading lately, have you checked to make sure your virus scanner is up to date, like within the last two days, and run a scan?

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