Why are my photos not uploading for the first time in two years?

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    I have had my blog for almost two years, and for the first time, WordPress gives me the following error when I try to upload photos:
    Error DSC02759.JPG
    DSC02759.JPG exceeds the maximum upload size for this site.

    I reduced the size of the photos in Picasa, and it still does not work. What changed to result in this error, and how do I fix it? It lets me upload a few photos, just not the majority of them.

    The blog I need help with is quadcrew.wordpress.com.



    How much of your 3GB space have you used?

    Look at Dashboard >> Home or in the Media Library



    I just looked, and I have. Am I doing something wrong to have used up 3GB so quickly. I post a lot of pictures, but is it normal to use up so much space with just photos?



    The first picture I looked at was 3.5 megs and 3,900 something wide – yes that burns a ton of storage and bandwidth – I gave up waiting for the front page to finish loading

    Usually people scale the images down to around 150 kb max – the 4,000 wide is a waste given the average screen – I go down around 500 to 600 wide if I am doing pictures to display – once in a while on my history blog I will go up around 900 or so for a scenic

    Timethief should have some info on how to scale images and programs to scale images


    Some of the other regulars have more advice and guidelines – maybe they will drop by



    This should help – there are several related articles at the bottom


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