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Why are my pictures not showing on the side?

  1. I'm using Ideation and Intent and one of my posts photos are not showing up on the side.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you read your theme description? Scroll down and read the section of sidebars I'll post an excerpt from:

    A custom Images sidebar has been built into Ideation & Intent. This sidebar will display images from the latest 10 posts that have image attachments. Up to 8 images will be displayed for each post and each image links directly to the post it is attached to.

  3. Yes, all of my posts photos display on the side except for one ( Not sure what I did differently.

  4. Maybe because I copied the photo from my facebook page, wordpress doesn't think that I have permission to use it?

  5. I deleted the photo, tracked down the original (out of literally thousands of my photos!!!), re-uploaded it and it seems to be working now! Thanks :)

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