Why are my postings missing from global tag posts?

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    Let me first state that I have been in touch with support several times during the past few days regarding the issue of my postings have been missing from the global tag posts. I just posted a new photo (my fourth post under the Photography tag) and once again it does not show up on the global tags post. As I am very new to WordPress, I had read where new bloggers sometimes do not get posted under global tags because of this reason, and thought I would try another photo.

    I have also checked to make sure my privacy setting is set to visible to everyone. I always post only to 1 category (Photography) and 1 tag (Photography) and also my photos are not offensive.

    When I first signed up with WordPress last week, my first post (an article posted under the Politics tag) was posted under the global Politics tag. It’s only my photos that are not posted. I checked with my Facebook page, and all my posts are listed there.

    With the tenth anniversary of September 11th fast approaching, I have several photos of the Twin Towers that I would love to get posted. Help!!!

    Blog url: http://talkingloudandsayingnothingparts3and4.wordpress.com/



    We’re currently working on the global tag pages, so they may be a bit off for a while. Once we’re done, everything should be back to normal.

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