Why are my posts disappearing???

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    My blog post has completely disappeared and says there’s nothing to display, yet my dashboard says I have a post and I approved a comment made on it earlier. What’s going on?

    The blog I need help with is aschoolcounselorsblog.wordpress.com.



    I’m sorry for the confusion. I believe I’ve sorted things out for you.

    Please take a look at your blog and let me know if everything is okay now.


    I started my blog at a date similar the original poster above and have spent countless hours trouble shooting in various areas on why on earth my posts keep appearing and reappearing. Right now more than half my work is gone.

    I have seen other posts that appear to have the same deal breaking issue, but their comments area have been closed.

    Please advice
    Blog name:



    @justchickens, it looks like you had content on two different “duplicate” blogs at the same address. I’ve imported the content from one into the other, so your blog at ahorseforelinor.wordpress.com should have everything. It looks like there is an issue with a few of your images, so you may wish to upload them again. Your “duplicate” blog is at ahorseforelinor-dupe.wordpress.com, so if you need to, you can log into that Dashboard and access the content there.

    You should clear your cache before you do anything to the blogs, so your browser will display the correct blog at each address:

    Let me know if you’re still having issues with this, and I’ll look into it for you. Also, once you’re happy with your main blog, I can delete the dupe blog if you wish.


    Thank you!
    I’ve poked around with it and am so glad to see everything seems to be in order. I had also updated my main page with widgets that no longer show, but I can redo that. Some, but not all of the images, could be uploaded again, so I should be good to go. I look forward to everything still being there tomorrow :)

    I will reply again if the issue persists.

    Yes, please delete the duplicate blog, I will just continue on forward in this manner from now on.
    Thank you again!



    I’ve deleted your duplicate blog now.

    Sorry about the widgets – they don’t transfer over when you do an import of blog content. I hope you were able to sort that out.

    As for the images, you might double check to make sure they aren’t already in your media library. If not, please let me know if I can help with that, since there shouldn’t be a problem with uploading them again.



    Working on adding widgets now.

    As for the images, there is still some trouble adding originals up, and re-uploading did not help in all cases, but I have decided to move forward. The Blog is young, and I feel that if this was just a small start-up hiccup then things will be just Fantastic :) Luckily, my sponsors will not be online until next weekend. I thank you again, wonderful Happiness Engineer (that Jackiedana title just doesn’t cut it for me.)



    Hm, this happened to me once when I was making my first account(this one xP) I actually had to activate, or a editor/admin of yours keeps on deleting,



    @justchickens sounds good. I’m going to close this thread, but feel free to post a new one if you need additional assistance with your blog.

    @puyuyfantage could you please post a new thread detailing your issue (which doesn’t appear to be related) in more detail?

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