Why are my posts showing as comments?

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    Can anyone tell me why my poats are showing as comments? each time i try and post when i preview the post it shows as a comment

    Any help would be appreciated thanks.



    Just looking at http://earhellmusic.wordpress.com/ it doesn’t have any posts nor comments showing up right now



    I deleted the posts as they were showing up as comments from what i could tell, I will post something to let you see what i mean .



    Posting something would be helpful. As you have deleted the “Hello World” placeholder post your front page is displaying a 404 (page no found) which will be rectified when you publish a Post. That being said Posts and Pages are different animals.



    Some tips:

    Do not paste from Word.

    Comments are never visible from the front page of the blog,



    Try posting a few trial posts to see how they look. Be sure to try uploading photos, playing with the HTML like adding links, and adding tags.

    Then, add a comment to the post, to see the difference. You can always delete these, so it’s good to take some time to experiment and get to know your blog when your first getting started.

    This might help:




    We are having a similar issue, did you find the cause? I have FCKEditor installed and I am using a PC another gentleman is using a MAC and so far it only seems to happen to him. He also has trouble saving pages from time to time. Any of this similar to your situation?


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    The site linked to your name is not a wordpress.com site. We can’t help with that, but if you do have another site at wordpress.com, please provide a link starting with http://

    You are using a wordpress template. They may be able to answer you over at the wp.ORG forum:



    DO post from Word – there is absolutely no problem . I don’t know why this disinformation is so often repeated here, because it’s simply not true.

    Here’s a clue guys – WP provide a button to to paste from Word, for pity’s sake. Use it.



    @1tess thanks, yes its a WP install, it was late and I didn’t notice I was on .com. Seems like a rather specific issue though.


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    @ integris1
    Yes it is even more specific than you are are considering. WordPress.COM is different from WordPress.ORG Our platform is different: themes we use here may have the same names as templates one can find online have been adapted for our shared platform. As a result, we can not advise you on how technical things would work for you.

    See here about the differences:




    Haven’t launch our blog yet, I’m wondering if I should go with WP.com or WP.org?

    A little context about the future of our blog:
    A small group of women have launched sole2soulWalk; a walk across America to cause a Tipping Point for the FULL inclusion of women in the decisions that shape the future– March 8, 2011 – June 21, 2011

    Even before our official launch next month, s2sWalk is taking on a life of it’s own and has the potential of hundreds of thousands of responses. So you understand my question WP.com or WP.org

    Sorry to be long winded but wanted you to know why I asked.
    Thanks for you input.



    Please read this entry and then make your own decision accordingly.


    In a nutshell, wordpress.COM takes all the work out of the backend tasks of blogging (installations, upgrades, troubleshooting, backups) but with that comes restrictions since this is a multi-user platform where we all share the same underlying files (themes and wordpress core files). WordPress.COM also does not typically allow any advertising and you cannot install plugins, themes from outside, or use flash or javascript.

    With a wordpress.ORG installation on a third-party web host, you are only limited by the TOS of the web host. You can install themes, plugins, javascript and flash, and customize to your hearts content (if you have the experience to do so). You can also advertise. But, you are responsible for all the dirty work in the back end such as troubleshooting and fixing problems, installations, upgrades, and backups. If you have the experience to be able to do all that stuff, then it isn’t that big of deal. Of course you also have to pay for the web hosting which can run $10 to $25 per month or more depending on your storage and bandwidth requirements.

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