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Why are my posts showing up in the wrong order?

  1. Several of my most recent posts are showing up towards the bottom of the page. They seem to appear very briefly in the right spot and then vanish.
    Blog url:

  2. You don't really have any recent posts. You have 5 posts, and your last post was at the beginning of April. We are now at the end of July. Do you mean you have actually published posts recently, more recent than April, and that they have now vanished from your blog?

  3. I am having this issue and my posts ARE recent, they are also different sizes and the side bar with wigets has gone to the bottom making it hard to navigate-this has only just become a problem when I checked it today-I have checked that photos etc are not in the captions spaces of others-which is what I read was someones issues :/

  4. Cheers thanks so much for that

  5. You're welcome.

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