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Why are my private blogs in my public dashboard

  1. By private I mean privately hosted using WordPress software but are not free. And by a "free" site I am referring to sites that ARE hosted at

    I have helped create a few WordPress sites for myself and others but they are separate from my personal "free" site(s). So why do two private sites appear in the dashboard of my free site? My Blogs > Linked Blogs

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
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  3. If you have ever connected them to your account via either Jetpack or the old Stats plugin, they are considered a Linked blog on your account.

  4. So, did I need a blog here (dotCOM) to use Jetpack there (dotORG) or was there a better way? Can I unlink by deleting the blog here or will that damage Jetpack?

  5. I can unlink the blogs, but you'll lose everything associated with Jetpack (stats, etc) when you connect it to a different account, or you'll lose Jetpack entirely if you don't connect it to a different account.

  6. Thank you for helping me understand this. In other words, I need to create a fake dotCOM blog in order to effectively create a dotORG site for each of my clients?

  7. You don't need to create a blog. During the signup process, you'll have the option to create a account without a blog.

  8. Oh, cool. Now we're getting somewhere. :-) I must have missed that. So, can I delete a dotCOM blog and I'll still have an account, or do I need to need to set up a new dotCOM and relink clients dotORG?

  9. Yes, you can delete a blog following this guide:

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