Why are my readers being ISP blocked for polls?

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    A number of readers have informed me that they have been ISP blocked from my blog whilst voting on polls. Others have complained that they receive pop-up notices stating “Sorry, no nonces” or words to similar effect when voting on polls. This problem started on Thursday morning (23/06/11) Any idea why this might be happening?
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    I will check in with our poll developers to see if anyone else has reported this issue. In the mean time, would you be able to find out if there are any similarities for the people who reported this problem such as what ISP they are using, what browser version, or the same network? Also, how many people total reported seeing this issue?


    I just tested several polls on my own site, and they all worked with no problems. Are you able to reproduce the problem from your location?



    Have been told of the problem by 5 different people thus far – all on UK ISPs, other than that I have no details. Will try to get hold of some of them for more details. I’ve had no problems personally, and others I have asked have said that everything’s working as usual for them.


    Sounds good. It would be great if you could identify any similarities. It would help to start tracking down the problem. Could you try asking for the exact error message as well. Screenshots are also excellent if you can get them. If the issue really is an ISP-specific one, it would help to know which UK ISP they are using. Thanks!

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