Why are my RSS Feeds going to ZERO?

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    O have noticed that every time I do my FEED STATS, they are going down every day and now they are at ZERO.

    Why is that? Are people dropping my feeds for some reason? Don’t they stay in the feed areas forever. OR do I have to REFEED my page to the sites like feedster and bloglines every day to get readership? That doesn’t seem right. What am I missing?

    AND, doens’ WordPress automatically FEED or PINT shenever I do a new POST. I’ve been posting every day to get my feed stats UP, but instead they’re going down.

    Mike Mathiesen



    maybe they really isn’t anyone subscribing to your feed? if you subscribe to rss feeds why not try subscribing to your own blog to see if the feed stats has any changes. if it doesn’t then you know for sure thr’s stg wrong. you can’t ‘refeed’ your posts to the feed aggregators, neither does wp ‘feed’ your posts, but rather feed aggregators collect the latest posts from your rss fed url (or stg like that). but then again the feed stats seem to have gone a bit kooky lately due to the recent change of pie charts to line charts.

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