Why are my stats apples?

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    Instead of getting a nice stats chart when I go to Dashboard => Blog stats, I get a neat little picture of three little apples, or heads or sumpin’! My stats are still being recorded because they are changing at the bottom of the page where the numerics are shown. Don’t get me wrong, I like apples, although my stats chart would be more fun. This began around 18 hours ago, a little bit after my dashboard seemed to change colours in its font colors. And now I notice that Technorati have invaded the top of this page.



    My dashboard and stats are fine…

    I’ll assume you’re on Windows. Have you done a complete virus/adware/spyware scan recently?



    you’ll need to contact staff http://wordpress.com/contact-support



    It’s because you haven’t joined my Facebook Group, the Deadbeat’s Club. Definitely it’s because of that.


    @ katm, yep, done all that – just “ad-awared” again and had a single tracking cookie.

    @ teck07, yep, if no one else has the same problem I’ll do that.

    @ rain, I have so too! Now I just have to work out the time difference! How’d’ya like them apples, eh?




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