Why are my stats including my own views?

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    My blog is not private, yet I know for a fact that my stats are counting my views because I’m the only one clicking on the links and I check the stats page right after I do it. I do not want my views included in my stats. How do I stop it from counting my views?
    Blog url: http://phantomwaves.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is phantomwaves.com.


    If you are logged into your WordPress account and view the blog, it will not count as a view. However, if you log off and visit your site, it will be considered as 1 view.
    Stay logged on when you view your site, and WordPress will not count your own views. :)


    I am logged in. That’s why I don’t understand this. Also, you know how when you’re logged in you can access your home page or posts from the dashboard and see the “edit post” option ? This isn’t showing up even though I’m logged in.


    O.k. something is definitely wrong because as I am logged in- and I click on my home page- I cannot access my dashboard or see any of the options that are usually there- (manage blogs, sign out, etc…) I have to click on my browser’s back button to get back to my dashboard. and my stats are still including my views. This is so irritating.

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