Why are my widgets not showing in the side bar?

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    I’m trying to put the Page widget on my front page in the main side bar, but it does not show up. My theme is Twenty Eleven and I have it set so my content is on the left and a sidebar is on the right.
    I have selected the Page widget and saved it and it does not show up. I have gone back in and tried every combination of setup there is and nothing works.
    Another thing I noticed is that the side bar is only available in the Dashboard, when I go to the customize screen it is not available, only the footers are there.

    The blog I need help with is itsaboutthemusicblog.wordpress.com.



    Your blog is private and we Volunteers cannot view it and provide any specific help with it because we cannot see what you have done. Also, given your other threads, I do recommend that you get Staff support, rather than posting to the peer support forums.

    You can email Staff at:



    My theme is Twenty Eleven and I have it set so my content is on the left and a sidebar is on the right.

    I believe the best guide for setting up Twenty Eleven, which I used for years is found here The workings of Twenty Eleven / Duster



    I have printed that guide out and read it three times, weeks ago and it does not address my needs.



    Update: I see the Pages widget appear on my Posts (which I guess is ok), but I want it on my Front page. I’m told I can have it there, but it does not show up not matter what.
    I’m thinking perhaps I could use links to certain pages on my front page? Not sure that idea will work though.



    The “follow” button does not show on the phone format, although it shows perfectly on the laptop format. In fact, none of the side bar shows. I am using the Hemingway Rewritten theme. Do I need to change themes?

    My blog is Annotations2.wordpress.com



    Hi – i am also having an issue with widgets. I want to delete the sidebar that includes the month/ year that i posted but when i go to edit my widgets, it doesn’t show up. Anyone have any idea what’s going on?

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