Why are notifications going to my old email address?

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    A while ago I changed my email address on my user settings page (http://dashboard.wordpress.com/wp-admin/users.php?page=grofiles-user-settings). The change DID stick; I just checked and it does indeed show my new address. However, I am still getting notifications sent to my old address.
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    Actually, I’ve looked more closely, and SOME notifications are going to the old address and SOME to the new. In particular subscribed new posts are going to the new address, as was the message generated by leaving the above support request. However, comment moderation requests are going to the old address.


    Can you check the email address you have entered at Settings > General? If it’s just comment moderation requests that are going to the old address it likely means you need to change that one as well.



    Yeah, that’s it. Confusing.


    Great, glad that got it sorted. Sorry for the confusion.

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