Why Are Our Posts Disappearing Off Of The Forums?

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    @niecey, Think of categories as very general organizational tools and use tags to further refine things, but there is no need to duplicate tags and categories, and it can actually hurt when it comes to search engines since they see no difference between tags and categories. Duplicates between tags and categories make search engines suspicious and too much of it can have an adverse effect on your page rank.

    Popular categories and tags move fast and I’ve seen times when I’ve posted to certain categories, and by the time I get to the tags page 10 or 15 seconds later, my post is already on the third page.

    The tags pages seem to have a sort order issue right now and staff are the only ones that can sort that out.



    Okay, so if I say want to post on a specific case or topic, then use maybe crime or the general, like missing persons or children, and then tag it with the names involved??? I think that is what you are telling me to do. Have I got it? I do understand about the tags and categories now, but should it be like the order I described? I really appreciate your help!


    That will work.


    thesacredpath, what you are saying we pretty much know. We have been posting on this subject for more that a year. All has been well and stable. We see the blogs come and they wind their way to the back pages.

    This was a sudden change two days ago of all pages, they got all mixed up and some went missing. It was not normal and not something in our control. Understood that cats and tags are basically the same, keep them under 12.



    Thank you sooo much and I did contact support. One more question and I will stop nagging. Should I go back and change that on existing posts?


    I told you to contact staff several replies back. They are the only ones who can deal with the sort order issue.


    Didn’t know u were addressing me, sorry.


    @niecey, if those posts were showing up, then I don’t know that I would make it a high priority, but getting rid of the duplicates I would certainly suggest at some point.


    @john, not a problem. It can easily happen when there are more than two people responding at once in a thread.


    The thing about niecey’s blogs even if they may have some duplicates is that they have been rock solid as fry as showing up where she wants them. Getting rid of the duplicates should keep it that way and not change anything.



    You are great Sacred Path. Thanks!!!



    Thanks John!


    You’re welcome.



    It appears that my posts are disappearing as well from the same two forums.


    oops sorry. This didn’t post when it should have and I just read all the posts. Thanks


    You’re welcome. Read the posts on duplicate tags and categories.

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