Why are pagerank of my posts and pages higher than the index page?

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    I tried to check my blog using SeoQuake’s link info. There is one post with 6 in google pagerank. Some of the posts and the pages had 5 pagerank. But the index only 2 in google pagerank. Why did it happen? Can anyone give an explanation? Why are posts and pages in the blog is actually higher than the index page?
    Pieces of the captured image can be viewed here.
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is omkicau.com.



    My thought is that you are in the wrong forum. That is not a WordPress.com blog, and we will not be able to help you with that here.


    Actually raincoaster http://omkicau.com/ is, it just has a whole lot of CSS customization.

    This from the footer: http://id.wordpress.com/?ref=footer



    You are correct thesacredpath. My blog is wp.com, just a domain, CSS, space and video upgrade. Theme that I use is Inove with some changes in CSS.
    Do you know what and how the problem pagerank of my blog?
    Thank you in advance.


    Raincoaster will actually be the one that is likely to know all the ins and outs of this since she knows a lot about this stuff, but I would guess that part of the reason that some of your posts and pages outrank the main page is that they are constant and are getting a lot of clicks from search engine results. I have a couple posts on my blog that consistently get way more search engine referrals than most all the others combined.

    The blog main page is constantly changing with new posts being added all the time, so things move off of it regularly as you add new posts. Most people searching on the internet are entering phrases and such for things they want to find and typically when they find it, it is going to be a post. Main pages on blogs just change too quickly to build up a lot of page rank.

    That is sort of my theory. Raincoaster will correct me if I’m wrong.



    Ah, my mistake. That is a load of customization. Also, when I tried to load it it loaded very slowly and I didn’t see the Admin bar at all.

    Looking at that report, I’m wondering why you ran the test for that URL instead of just http://omkicau.com/ without anything on the end.

    I’m wondering how long you’ve had your custom domain name as well.



    The theory is very good.
    Are there other possible reasons?
    Thank you.


    I’m off to bed as it is 11:30 PM here in the middle of the Pacific so I’ll let Raincoaster take it from here.



    Thank you.
    What do you mean by admin bar?
    About pageload, when I try to test my web loading speed, met 86/100 points in firebug. What does that mean?
    Sorry with my bad English.

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