Why are photo disappearing.

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    After a post with a photo has been on site for a day or two the photo is disappearing you can see them on the front page, but when you click to read the post the photo appears can you help.

    This is the blog http://poetscornerblog.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is dribblingpensioner.wordpress.com.


    Just bringing it back.



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    Thanks TT, I have been waiting for four days for an answer.



    Hi dribblingpensioner,

    I’m not sure I understand what you mean. When I go to your home page, I see no images attached to posts:

    Nor do I see images in the posts themselves.

    Please post links to posts that should have images, so I can take a look, and let me know if these are images you’ve added with the “Add media” button from your media library, or if they are linked images hosted elsewhere.




    re: what jackiedana has posted above:
    Where are these images hosted?

    When the images are in your Media Library you can insert them into your posts and they will display when browsers call for them. When an image is deleted from your Media Library it’s no longer on WordPress.com servers and cannot be displayed when browsers call for it.

    (1) Are these missing images found in your Media Library ie. on WordPress.com servers? Or are they hosted on another site?

    (2) if they are hosted on an image hosting site like Flickr or photobucket, etc. check for known issues at the image hosting site.

    (3) If they are hosted on another site that does not allow hotlinking then then images may come and go, or simply disappear, or sometimes they will be linked to a stop hotlinking message.


    @ jackiedana

    You can see them on page two etc, they are downloaded from “other” by authors into the post and media library



    The page that’s up now are posts from this past three days


    I meant to say they are downloaded to the media library and then inserted into the post.



    Are they found in your Media Library right now?
    Yes or No?



    This image is hosted on another WordPress.com blog


    All photos in posts are in the media library

    The image you link too could be on the authors blog at wordpress, i’ll have a look.


    Sorry yes I see it is Apurva, she is an author.



    Okay let’s get this clear.

    Are all the disappearing image URLs provided by other WordPress.com authors, who have uploaded the images into their WordPress.com blogs ie. aare the images in their (not your) Media Library?


    All authors are WP blogs.

    The photos on all posts that have them are uploaded to my media library by them, the photos could be on their blogs, or found as I find them on the web and given a link back to where they find them.

    They must be in my media library to be in my blog, surely.



    Thanks for working through this with me so Jackie has more information to work with. The only images in your Media Library are images that you upload into it. It appears the disappearing images are all in the Media Libraries of the authors of the associated poems.


    But in the disappearing images post, if you click to read the full post, it comes up complete with the photo installed, or click the tiny red box the photo will come up on its own, from media library.

    Would it have anything to do with me altering the size of the photo after they are posted to make them smaller.



    Hi dribblingpensioner,

    A couple of things.

    If you (or your author) adds an image to a post on your blog, they need to add that image to your blog’s media library, and then add that media library image to the post. If the image is hotlinked to another blog, on WordPress.com or elsewhere, you do not control that image, the other source does, and if they delete it on their site, it disappears from yours.

    As it turns out, every image I am seeing in posts on your blog on page 2 are being linked to other blogs. Even if the image was uploaded to your media library, those authors are not using those images but are linking back to their own.

    If there are posts where this is not the case, please post the link to the specific post so I can take a look at it.

    In general, if images are disappearing, please encourage your authors to only add images to your blog if they add them via the Add Media button from images they uploaded to your media library.



    Thanks Jackie, i’ll email them all and tell them but as you know not everyone understands :)

    If I get a photo I save it to the pc, upload through the media button and insert.


    The photos that are missing, I can see them , if I save them to my pc and upload to media and insert will that make them stay.

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