Why are pix fuzzy in post, sharper in pop-out?

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    Routinely, though not always, I size most pix to the Coraline column width of 490px, specifically to avoid crunching during upload, in the hopes of maximising sharpness.

    Why though does the image published in the post always look fuzzy, yet when you click on it to produce the pop-out equivalent in its own window, this looks as superfine as the original? This isn’t a new observation but does seem to have got worse recently. It’s very noticeable with the artwork record sleeves on this recent post –

    The blog I need help with is shapersofthe80s.com.



    Images downsized by WP lose quality. You think you insert your images in real size, but this doesn’t apply to captioned images: the theme you’re using imposes a 98.5 max width, to compensate for the extra grey frame.
    a) Upload and insert narrower files, and modify their coding in the Text editor. I can provide the details if you wish, but I don’t think it’s worth doing this if you use captioned images a lot.
    b) Insert each image without entering a caption, and add its caption as plain text in the main editor.
    c) Switch to a different theme.



    Hmmm, thanks for your insight, justpi, but it’s hardly worth the faff, since I caption pretty well every pic. Pathetic that a 98.5% reduction should make such a noticeable difference! The new gallery/slideshow formats seem to crunch and coarsen quality worse than anything that came before. The crude Coraline theme failed misterably in aping its elegant predecessor Cutline – almost no elements align with others within the design in ways that make the eyes boggle. Alas, among all the jazzy themes WP offer, it remains the calmest most credible one for semi-professional use.



    You’re welcome and sorry for the bad news.
    Personally I don’t like Coraline at all, and I think you can find several calmer and more elegant themes.

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