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Why are posts in sidebar and not widgets?

  1. aliceelliottblog

    Hi, why are there posts in the sidebar of this blog replacing all the widgets? Also the presentation of old posts are strange at the bottom of the page. We are using the theme Connections. Could anybody tell me what is going wrong and how to put it right?

    Thanks, Alice

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Excellent article for diagnosing and fixing this problem:

  3. Did you use the syntax they provided?

    [sourcecode language="css"]
    your code here

    I ask because I came up with the same issue. My CSS would post as code but my HTML would just not show at all. I haven't retested since I found this syntax, but will try it now.

  4. Oops, sorry for that last post, was intended for another question.

  5. aliceelliottblog

    Thanks houstonweaver, the post you provided was the excellent answer!

  6. Super! Looks a lot better now.

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