Why are posts not appearing on my individual pages but showing in recent posts?

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    I add posts to correct page but are only appearing in recent post but not on the pages selected. I’m totally confused.

    The blog I need help with is riversidepeace.wordpress.com.



    You are. You don’t understand the difference between posts and pages.


    You need to stop making Pages and start using Categories, as explained here:



    I only have a Home page, an About me page and a Photo page. I have made all my posts by adding ‘post’. So are you saying these postsare actually pages?

    If so, then why do they show as ‘recent ‘post’?



    No, I’m saying if you want them to show on individual pages you need to use category pages.


    How do I do that?


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    Here is an article about that:

    It comes down to this:
    Publish posts. Assign categories (or tags) to them.
    Use those links to make a custom menu.



    Among the most common misconceptions is that bloggers fail to understand is
    (1) there is only one page we can post to in any blog and
    (2) the static pages http://en.support.wordpress.com/pages/ they create do not automatically update.

    Only the dynamic pages like Categories, Tags and Archives created by the software when we publish a post we that we have assigned Categories and Tags too will update automatically update with new posts.

    By default the front page of the blog is the post that displays all posts in your blog. Though there is only one dynamic page in a blog for posts (not pages) http://en.support.wordpress.com/post-vs-page/ and we cannot post to more than that one page, we can create the appearance that we have posted to more than one page.

    We organize posts by assigning categories to them. You can create a custom menu and add the dynamic categories pages into the custom menu.


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    On second look at the OP’s site, this is not the issue. It could be he/she set up a static front page without setting a blog page. I cannot tell. The 404 page not found should not be there. And I cannot figure out what is going on. Bouquet is not a complicated theme, but I’m missing some critical bit of info as to why there is no post on the homepage.


    I sat down for a few quiet hours last night and watch the video and went through everything on the Dashboard pash to get a bigger picture. Now, when it came to the ‘Home’ page, the page that’s the problem, the page does not show up on my page list on the dashboard so I simply can’t remove it. If I could do this, it may solve the problem. But how is the question.

    PS. Thanks. These are really helpful.


    I still can’t get it right. I really need some technical help here.



    If you want your posts on your homepage, go to Settings > Reading, select the option “Front page displays” > “Your latest posts“, then scroll down and click Save Changes.

    Or do you want an intro page as your homepage?


    I think some how there IS an intro page but I will see if I can try your suggestion. Thanks.


    Well, I don’t seem to have a “Front page displays” option under “Reading”.

    So what now?



    This means you’ve trashed all the static pages you had created.
    But your homepage is displaying your latest posts now:
    So I guess you did what I suggested while you still had at least one page then trashed the page(s).


    lol. I’m not sure but whatever I did, I think I will leave it plain and simple and just ad posts. I’m to old to want anything complicated.

    Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.




    You’re welcome.
    “Plain and simple” (that is, latest posts on the homepage) is fine: seeing what’s new up front is better than seeing the same intro each time you visit a blog.

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