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Why are readers of my blog suddenly unable to comment unless they are logged in

  1. People are unable to leave comments unless they are logged in to wordpress or another online resource. It used to be that anyone could comment without needing to do that and I have not changed any settings, apart from just now in a futile attempt to resolve the issue.
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  2. You can read more about the Recent Update to Comments here >

    There's more here as well:

    There is quite a bit of speculation here, and while I can't address every single point, I'd like to point out that one of the many reasons behind this change was to provide greater control over your own identity within comments at

    Anyone who knows your email address could have easily linked their comment to your account in a way that was indistinguishable from you leaving it, and you would have no way of knowing it or stopping them. Now comments linked to your account are always going to be from you. ... read more >

  3. Thank you very much! You were really helpful :)
    I think the person who couldn't comment was using an email address linked to a Gravatar account and that's why they were asked to log in.

  4. If it turns out that they have an old blog they don't use see here >

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