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Why are several of my blogs missing?

  1. Someone has,. " REMOVED " and from my account. I was logged in and they both were in the account yeterday.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello.

    Never to have seen something so magical as blogs,. disappearing after years,. from an account.

    WordPress? ;{o

  3. Update: actually i was working on i didnt necessarily note if those two were in the list,. yesterday.


  4. If you are not the creator of those blogs but a contributor, the admins may have removed you. Have you contacted them?

  5. Hey rain coaster,. hello.

    I am the blog and content creator originator.

    I whittled out a bunch of stuff on the two disappeared some months ago.

    I got to thinking did i move them to another account.. i did have some notions.

    Then i was off to tinkering with the planet risen and straight forward ible .com, coming round for a look at the free straightforwardbible wordpress when i noticed out of ten or so in this account those two are missing.

  6. Did i mention the plank i stand upon isnt really,. fastened.. to anything? ;o

    It also crosses my mind i had an earlier email on this account. I just finished setting one up the same.

    I will try some email back and forth a bit but,. to me it looks like an account switch,. i forgot i started,. or someone accessed and moved them.

    The " CONTENT " on both,.. is exactly as i left it.. both live on the net.

    Captured Exported Etc.

    Did i mention,. the " plank " upon which i aM,. standing.. happens to be, . not really attached to anything? ;o

  7. Yeah, well not really following you there.

    Do you have more than one username? If so, log out and log in as the other user. Maybe your blogs are associated with that name, not this one.

  8. User name is - PlanetRisen <- main blog.
    2Heavy4Zombies (user name)was used for posting in the beginning on numerous blogs, but oddly doesnt show up as administrator who has posted on posts. I tried to send each a new password using one of two emails.. neither worked not recognized.

    When i go to invite and the wordpress system says they dont exist.

    The TIMING of this very interesting occurance is,. very interesting to say the least. And,. ii is possible i could have started an account move when i tidied them up some months ago,. but.. i browsed several accounts and see nothing relevant.

    The other hope is that i stumble onto an email saying i attempted to change account,. but.. i dont see it happening.

    I saw a wordpress rep mrmanx or something,. but.. how does one reach a rep who can simply look at where it is or went?

    Thanks for your help.

  9. It appears that on December 13, 2013, you transferred both and to a new user, and your planetrisen user account is no longer a user on either blog.

    Is the new user account also yours? If so, you can log in with that account and add your planetrisen account as an administrator so you can access the blogs from either account. If not, you will need to contact the new blog owner for these blogs and request access.

  10. Hi jackie.

    Jim here.

    Maybe i should look it up quick,. " hair brained " ?

    Ok,. i did,. and,. i aM. ;{

    I have my interests to say the least and for whatever number of reasons,. all over the place.

    I do apologize.

    In any event,. it did occur to me,. that it is,. " i " the someone who moved my blogs.

    I have gone into numerous other wordpress accounts and email looking for something saying that i did this move,. or that it is,. part way to somewhere done.

    You.. covered everything except the part i need so that i may look in something i missed, or for a page,. (likely) where i scribbled new info. ;{

    I have several other wordpress accounts.

    If you'd like to email me - the BLOG name that now has these mentioned blogs assigned to it,. i will look for the necessary login info i misplaced. (i change notebooks too often also) ;{ - i got issues.

    Emailing direct to [email redacted] versus posting here further-public is fine is you think best.


  11. I've sent you an email about this issue. If you still have questions, please respond there, as I will be closing this public thread.

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