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Why are some contact/feedback forms failing to reach me?

  1. At least two readers have submitted contact forms to me which have never shown up (I got no email and they do not appear in the 'Feedback' list on my dashboard).

    I know this because they have been in touch by different means as they were disappointed not to hear back from me.

    Can you help?

    Many thanks
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  2. Are they in the Feedbacks -> Spam sub-section?

  3. No, there's no spam in Feedbacks.

  4. What were their email addresses, and what is the URL of the form they were using?

  5. The form WAS on this page:
    ...although I have subsequently removed it, when modifying the page later.

    I didn't make an email address 'required' so they may not have given one. Could that have something to do with it?

    They contacted me directly from:


  6. Yes, there is definitely no history of emails from those folks.

    Do you have any better luck if you make email a required field?

  7. I do seem to, yes. It's a shame to make it obligatory, though :-(

  8. Ok, thanks for checking that! We'll see what we can do about fixing the requirement.

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